Friday, February 12, 2010

Touched By An Angel With Love

I love this poem. It makes me think of Nikki.

Touched By An Angel With Love
by Meena.S.K
There is nothing else I cherish more in my life
then have you helping me through my strife
in my moments of despair you hear my cry
kiss my tears away and to make me smile you try

You are always near when the tide turns rough
you make situations sound easy when they are tough
you understand my needs even before I speak
you point out my strength when I fall down weak

When I shut you out and sink into my darkness
tenderly you open the door and fill me with happiness
when I fly into a rage and refuse to be calm
you soothe me cradling me in your arms

At times I say leave me alone and go away
you hug me and whisper from you I will never stray
there are times with my words I have hurt you
you forgive and forget and say I love you

When I am sick and feeling very down
you take away my pain and my frown
everything you do and say makes me smile
listening to your voice I forget my tiring miles

You care for me so much you never fail to show
my heart to you it belongs I hope you know
you are the one God sent to me from above
I'm lucky to be touched by an angel with love

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