Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Taking Charge of Our Destinies

It's so easy to let life drift by, surviving.
Surfing the web instead of writing your book,
Talking to whoever and ignoring real friends.

It's easy to survive, but it's hard to thrive.
Putting first things first--first people first
Creating, and seeking, and searching, and striving

Like climbing a mountain or building a masterpiece
Our fears go to war with our faith
And we wonder: who am I to take this leap?

We worry and we fear, and we never call that friend,
Never knowing that they, too, are alone
Sitting by that phone, and working up courage

As if to call a friend or create beauty
Was to face a lion! Or to calm a hurricane!
As if failure was a basilisk, a chimera, an unconquerable enemy.

To become famous, to make millions, to go down in history--
Yes, perfection may be needed. But to make a friend?
You are good enough, just as you are. And so am I.