Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Missionary Stories 2

Here's another mission story:

Throughout my mission, a constant challenge was talking to strangers on the street and on the bus about the gospel. It's just a little bit scary. I must have talked to hundreds--if not thousands--of people in the course of a year.

My last day, I wanted to remember street contacting with pure joy. I was sick and exhausted, and I could easily have spent the day inside, but I asked my companion if we could go talk to people on a street corner on my last evening.

We did so. I was so tired that I had to sit down and rest a couple of times while my companion kept talking to people. We met several Persians, met a number of wonderful people, and got a new investigator family. I gave out a copy of the Book of Mormon to someone who said he'd read it, and I also gave away several pamphlets. It was fun! I really enjoyed it.

I don't know all the variables that determine how fun missionary work is, or anything for that matter, but that day I talked to people because I wanted to do it. I wanted them to feel the Spirit, I wanted to feel the Spirit, and I wanted it to be natural and enjoyable. And it was.

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